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Is Believing in Creation an Expression of Racism?

Is Creation is Form of Racism?; Guest: Dr. Fuz Rana

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Segment 1: Interview with Dr. Fuz Rana

Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana is an expert in Science Apologetics. He is the VP of Research and Apologetics at Reasons to Believe.

Fuz helped break down the seems that the author's main point is this: if you adopt an anti-evolutionist stance (aka Creationist), then you, in a sense, are a white supremist. In other words, Creationism is seen as racist.

What does the scientific data say about humanity's origins?

"Out of Africa" model: Idea that humanity has a remarkably recent origin (approx. 150,00 years ago) and the location of humanity's origin seems to pinpoint East Africa...humanity began as African people.

What does the Biblical data say about humanity's origins?

Genesis 2...humanity is created uniquely in God's image...humans are creatures made by God, but we stand apart because we are image bearers...humanity began with a primordial pair...location mentions 4 rivers, but exact location is not specified.

Conclusion: Could be some connection points/congruence between scientific, Out-of-Africa model and Biblical account of creation (i.e. details of humans descended from an initial source...small population, single location, mitochondrial Eve/y-chromosomal Adam).

Why is it important for Christians to affirm a historical Adam and Eve as the first human pair?

The Bible teaches that humanity emanates from a historical Adam and Eve; they were indeed the sole progenitors of humanity (Genesis 2 & 5, genealogy in Luke, Paul describes Jesus at the second Adam, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Mark 10)...if you deny the historicity of Adam and Eve, you then call into question the teachings of Jesus and Paul and many other important doctrines of the Christian faith that are intertwined with the historical creation of Adam and Eve.

If we are all descended from Adam and Eve, why are there so many different skin colors? Where did all the differences come from?

Yes, there is racial diversity in the world, what anthropologists call "regional differences" and these can readily be explained by micro-evolutionary mechanisms (adaptations that occurred over time based on geographical location).

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