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Ask Us Anything & Christmas Party

Our Last Show of 2020!

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Segment #1: Ask Us Anything

We discussed a variety of topics and had fun answering some of your questions!

  • What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

  • How did Krista and Bob meet?

  • How do I prepare myself as a new teacher to love my students and not be overwhelmed by CRT ideologies?

  • Are you Reformed?

  • What is Krista's favorite Johnny Cash song?

To find out more about Krista's love for Johnny Cash, check out this discussion she had on the 28:19 show.

  • How did Krista and Monique meet and what do you most appreciate about each other?

In this episode, we share a little of the story as we discuss the question "Does God still speak through dreams?"

  • Who is the better cook: Krista or Monique?

  • What is your favorite book of the Bible?

  • What was your favorite show of the year?

  • What has been a highlight of 2020?

Here's what we have coming up in 2021:

  • We are taking off the month of January from recording All the Things.

  • Writing/developing small-group curriculum

  • Uniting People (UP) Conference coming in June.

  • Putting out short ""quick takes"" videos to share on social media

  • Launching Facebook groups for educators, parents of children who have gone woke, and parents of mixed race children/adoptive families

  • Continuing to cultivate the family atmosphere within CFBU.

A friend of the ministry sent us this book and Monique is loving it!

A recent show we did with Abouna Anthony from Coptic Orthodox Answers helped us understand how to be prepared to stand firm as a religious minority, particularly in this day and age of being cancelled.

Here's a recent discussion we had with Alisa Childers regarding unity:

Monique got a chance to talk with Allie Beth Stuckey regarding her move out of CRT and into a perspective of unity from the Bible.

Krista gave a talk on the current state of the church entitled, "Reshuffling the Deck."

We've been doing a Wednesday Night Bible Study on the book of Amos. Check it out!

We are available to come and speak in person at your church or gathering! Check out the Center for Biblical Unity website for booking information:

Make sure to sign up for our email updates to keep up with all that we're doing:


Segment #2: Tweet of the Week


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