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Rainbow Revival

Guest: Jeffrey McCall, founder of Freedom March; Bringing Revival to the LGBT Community

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Segment #1: Interview with Jeffrey McCall

Jeffrey McCall shared his personal story of transformation out of the LGBT life and into his true identity in Christ. He is a popular author and speaker and the founder of Freedom March.

Freedom March developed out of the need to provide a safe place for former LGBT people who have left that identity to share their stories. Because the mainstream media is against this narrative and will not cover these stories and because churches often have a difficult time addressing these issues, Freedom March was born. Former LGBTQ people come together in cities across the U.S. to openly worship Jesus, share their stories of redemption, and march together in celebration of their freedom in Christ.

What can churches do to reach out to the LGBT community?

There is a need in the church for this topic to be preached to let people know that it is not what God has for us. It is sin. It is missing the standard of God's holiness. But there is also grace for every sinner who trusts in Jesus. Some churches, especially in more rural areas, can sometimes be closed off to the LGBT community. Jeffrey encouraged us to b open to learning and seeing LGBT people as precious people that Jesus Christ died for.

What can youth pastors and parents do to address this?

We need to address this in middle school and high school! Parents need to know what is going on in the classroom and among explain to the their children and clarify what words mean; bring in people who have left the identity, get appropriate books and materials to explain the truth.

What about the debate about homosexuality being inborn or more a product of environment?

It could be one or the other, but ultimately, it doesn't matter in the end.. No matter what you've been born into or what you've experienced in your life, you have to be born again! When you're born again, you view things differently.

How can we reach out to our LGBT friends and family?

Again, we need to balance grace and truth. Genuine love and grace can open the door to share. We can also utilize the books and resources that are out there that share stories of people leaving the LGBT lifestyle.


Find out about the next Freedom March and see if it is coming to a city near you

Check out these books recommended by Jeffrey:

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Another recent guest was Anne Paulk from the Restored Hope Network. Check out the incredible work Ann and her colleagues are doing to help people leaving the LGBT lifestyle.

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Segment #2: Announcements and Resources

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Recommended books that give robust exegetical support on Biblical sexuality:

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