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The Story of Reformation Day

Guest: Historian and Author, Douglas Bond

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Segment #1: Interview with Douglas Bond

As an expert historian and Reformation enthusiast, Douglas gave us an overview of Martin Luther's life and his impact on Christendom.

There were many fascinating details shared and, ultimately, Douglas helped answer the question: Why is Reformation Day celebrated on the same day as Halloween? In short, Luther's bold statement against the Catholic Church occurred on October 31st, 1517, which was the night before "All Saints Day" (aka "All Hallows Day"). He nailed to the church door his 95 reasons stating why the sale of indulgences was not Biblical.

Why is this important to us now?

Luther's impact is at the root of the branch that we know as Protestantism. The seeds he planted have greatly influenced our modern Western Civilization. Some of these areas include marriage (holy living was not reserved for monks, but married people could live holy lives also), practices of congregational singing/worship, bringing discipleship into parenting, daily work being seen as an act of worship, and the "priesthood of the Believers" in which congregants could be included in the sharing of the elements.

Check out Douglas' podcast on Ligonier, "Luther: In Real Time"

Connect with Douglas Bond via his website.

We briefly mentioned our previous conversation with our friend, Kirillos Guirgus, who is a Coptic Orthodox Christian. Check out that discussion.


Segment #2 Orthodoxy with Krista and Monique

This is a hodge-podge of topics where we discussed Monique's "Tweet of the Week" and the need to make orthodoxy great again. Krista has a little rant about"Big Eva" and the vague words thrown around in evangelical arenas such as "wisdom," "unity," and "winsome."

Monique and Krista are building their 2021 speaking schedule and would love to come and share with your group on issues of race, justice, unity, and theology! Check out the link for booking info.


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