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What Do Muslims Believe About Jesus?

Guest: Ramin Parsa talks about his journey to Christianity | Persecution for the Faith | Country Music Concert as a "Worship Experience"

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One of our favorite viewers, Juad, is a Muslim. He often asks questions about what it means to be a Christian and who Jesus is. And we love that! For real.

So, we thought it would be fun to have our friend, Pastor Ramin Parsa, on the show to discuss a bit about his journey from Islam to Christianity. We also tackled some of the most common questions our Muslim friends ask about our faith.

Questions discussed:

  • Who do Muslims believe that Jesus is? How could God have a son?

  • What do Muslims believe about the Bible?

  • Tell us about your journey from Islam to Christianity

  • Do Christians believe in human sacrifice, even though it's condemned in the Old Testament?

Here are some ways you can connect to Pastor Ramin:


We ended our conversation with Pastor Ramin by asking him to share his experience of being arrested at the Mall of America for casually sharing his faith with some Muslims. Wow! That was eye-opening!


Monique took Krista to the Eric Church concert last night. Krista is a long-time country music fan. Monique had never seen so many people wearing boots and hats. We briefly shared some of our thoughts about this rather unusual "worship experience."


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