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What Do We Do When Police Make Mistakes?

Guest: Eric Muldrow, from Code Red Conversations; Daunte Wright

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Segment #1: Interview with Eric Muldrow

Wow, what a week! We brought our friend, Eric Muldrow from Code Red Conversations, back to help us talk through the issues surrounding the recent shooting of Daunte Wright.

As a layperson (non-law enforcement), what are some of the things we should be considering when we hear of an officer-involved shooting?

The most important thing: WAIT for more information!

Be careful to assume and/or tell an officer what they should/shouldn't have done. From a Biblical perspective, God calls his people to weigh evidence, to have multiple witnesses, to be slow to speak.

Eric helped us understand the difference between a verdict of murder vs manslaughter. Krista further expanded on this concept and explained "cities of refuge", which was a provision made in the Old Testament for an accidental death.

Where are the Black pastors? Why are they not speaking in to this?

One pastor who IS speaking into this is Bishop Wooden out of Raleigh, NC.

(Also, to clarify, we DO recognize that our Black brothers such as Virgil Walker, Voddie Baucham, and other influential pastors/leaders ARE speaking into many of these cultural issues).

What about defunding the police? Check out Eric's video addressing this topic:


Check out Eric's videos regarding the shooting of Daunte Wright:

Be sure to check out the content of our friend of the ministry, Edwin Ramirez, at The Proverbial Life

A helpful article recommended by Eric: "Unintended: A Theory of Taser / Weapon Confusion".

Connect with the guest

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