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What Does the Bible Teach About Interracial Marriage?

Guests: Devin & Melissa Pellew

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Segment #1: Interview with Devin and Melissa Pellew

Devin and Melissa are full-time campus ministers with Ratio Christi (Latin for "The Reason of Christ"), where they focus on Apologetics and Evangelism with high schoolers, college students, and professors. Melissa also leads one of our book discussion groups for The Third Option.

Devin and Melissa are a delightful couple who love the Lord! They shared their experiences as an interracial couple and addressed some of these questions:

Q: What has your experience been like as an interracial couple?

A: They explained that their marriage relationship naturally gives them many opportunities to share the Gospel! Meaning, the color of their skin/ethnicity is not the focus, but instead, they are made in the image of God and their deepest need is to be reconciled to Him, not to each other.

Q: Have your families and friends been supportive of your relationship?

A: They said, overall, yes! Sure, there have been questions/challenges along the way; however, their families' main focus was whether the person was a Christian; their primary focus was that they would be equally yoked as Believers in Christ. Furthermore, when encountering questions/challenges, they're found it is best to let go of the offense, give the benefit of the doubt, show grace, and present Scripture.

Q: What about biracial children? Is the experience hard for them?

A: They explained that they are raising their daughter to know that her identity is in Christ, first and foremost; she is being raised in a home with a loving and faithful marriage; and she is learning about both parts of her cultural heritage. Overall, the Kingdom of God and our identity in God's kingdom transcends culture.

Check out the YouTube Channel for Ratio Christi at Winthrop University where Devin and Melissa are ministers of the Gospel.

Ratio Christi has many great resources on their website! Check out the new booklet on engaging CRT written by Dr. Neil Shenvi and Dr. Pat Sawyer.

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