ALL THE THINGS is a weekly conversation about the cultural issues of the day through the lens of the historic Christian worldview.

ALL THE THINGS streams live Saturdays at 6 PM (PT)/9 PM (ET) on YouTube and Facebook.



Krista Bontrager is the co-founder of the Center for Biblical Unity.​ She is a theologian and advocate for the Christian faith. Her extensive teaching ministry can be found on her web site at TheologyMom.com.

Monique Duson is the co-founder and president for the Center for Biblical Unity.​ She has a background in children's ministry, global mission work, and social service. She has worked with a diverse array of under-served communities. She was also a missionary in South Africa for 4 1/2 years. Monique spent 2 decades as an advocate for Critical Race Theory, but now works on developing unity in the Body of Christ based on a more biblical framework.

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