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2021 Kick-Off

Ministry updates! Plus, 8 things you can do in 2021 to help you live in an increasingly hostile culture.

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Segment #1: Ministry Updates

Current book discussion groups include, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth led by Jamal Bandy, Beyond Racial Gridlock led by Melissa Pellew, and The Third Option led by Karis Miles. New book discussion groups will be announced soon! More info on book discussion groups.

Did you miss the Women in Apologetics (WIA) conference?

Check out Krista's "One Nation Under God?" teaching series:

CFBU Annual UP Conference:

Last month, we also launched three Facebook support groups:

Our ministry is growing and we need your help! Find out how you can volunteer

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Segment #2: 8 things you can do in 2021 to help you live in an increasingly hostile culture

1. Catechize (disciple) your children!

There are many valuable resources to help with this including Biblical training for you as parents, discipleship conferences, and upcoming livestreams on our show.

2. Get out of debt!

Start working out a plan so that you do not owe anyone anything.

3. Develop multiple streams of revenue!

Start a business or develop a side job. Be prepared in the event that your employer asks you to sign a "woke statement" or requires you to support other policies that go against your Biblical worldview.

4. Disconnect from Big Tech!

Check out alternative social media platforms (i.e. Gab), think about getting a P.O. Box, write letters to people, subscribe to email lists from your favorite ministries and organizations.

5. Consider spending money locally and support Christian-owned businesses!

6. Pastors: begin talking to your congregations about civil disobedience (aka conscientious objectors/peaceful protestors)!

Churches need to think about how to support brothers and sisters for taking a stand, even if it results in job loss/financial strain. For example, creating a fund for rent support/groceries, help establish homeschool co-ops for low-income or single parent families.

7. Consider whether you need to change churches!

Always believe the best about people; however, if there is concern, pursue the hard conversations with those in leadership.

8. Be courageous and live in Truth!

Continuously be in conversation with the Holy Spirit first and then take a stand where you are called. Don't accept powerlessness; we all have a choice! Make choices that support your worldview by utilizing your voice, your vote, and your dollar.



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