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Answering Critical Questions about LGBT Issues

We finally got to have our friend, Christopher Yuan, on the show! He shared about his journey out of homosexuality, as well as his perspectives on the "Side B" approach to helping those who struggle with same sex attraction. This was a very important discussion, especially for parents and pastors.


Discussion with Dr. Christopher Yuan

Introductory comments on sexuality and Christopher's book, "Holy Sexuality and the Gospel"

**Unconditional love is not the same thing as unconditional approval of a person's behavior

**Sexuality is NOT grounded in identity!

**Christopher said, "My identity is NOT gay, ex-gay, or even heterosexual, BUT instead, my identity, as a child of the living God, is in Jesus Christ alone.

**The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, rather the opposite of homosexuality is holiness.

**The term "heterosexuality" is a secular, Freudian concept, and can include issues of adultery, fornication, and pornography, which are contrary to God's standards. We need to be more precise in our understanding of sexuality and God's call to holiness. Heterosexual sin is still sin!

Definitions for holy sexuality:

Chastity in singleness or faithfulness in marriage

Even the term "abstinence" falls short because it focuses on the "no", whereas, chastity focuses on the "yes" and highlights the standards of purity and holiness.

Celibacy is a term Christopher avoids using...ten years ago, the term may have been synonymous with chastity, but not today! Now, the term has been co-opted to mean a life-long, chosen vocation that is not found in the Bible (typically used by advocates of the Side B perspective, explained below).

The Larger Story:

It is important to understand sexuality within the broad picture of God's Big Story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Glorification/Consummation.


--ALL humans are created in God's image and have inherent dignity, value, and worth!

--Not everyone is a CHILD of God, but only those who are Believers in Jesus as their Savior (John 1:12)


--Sin entered the world through Adam and all humans are born into this world with a sin nature (Romans 3:23)


--Jesus, God in the flesh, died on the cross for all sin, was buried, and was raised to life on the third day. Jesus, as the perfect sacrifice, paid the penalty for our sin, and made a way for us to be reconciled back to God (1 Corinthians 15:3-5).

--As believers, we are sanctified in a moment at conversion, we are continually being sanctified each day in our walk with God, and we will one day be ultimately sanctified when we meet Jesus face to face (1 Corinthians 6:11)


--At Jesus' return, He will defeat sin once and for all and we (Believers) will be united to Him for eternity (Revelation 19)!


The term "sex" is related to biology--we are born male or female. NOT the same as gender and should not be used interchangeably with "sex." Today's definition of gender is not biblical.

The term "sexuality" refers to sexual desires and should not be confused with the term "sex."

Perspectives on Sexuality Explained:

"Side A"--heresy and distortion of what Scripture says; these people believe that God blesses any form of marriage as long as two people love each other. Also believe things like, "I am gay. This is who I am" and believe in "fixed orientation."

Advocates include: Matthew Vines, Andy Stanley, Justin Lee, Jen Hatmaker

"Side B"--these people identify as gay and celibate; they advocate for "spiritual friendships", for example, two same-sex people may get "married" or be a "couple" but will not engage in sexual activity (and therefore, believe they are not engaging in sin).

Advocates include: Preston Sprinkle, ReVoice movement

**Truth is derogatory for those who are preaching false truth.**

Biblical Sexuality--Based on the Bible; marriage is between one man and one woman for life (Genesis 1); chastity in singleness, faithfulness in marriage

Q. What is the ultimate goal of sexuality?

A. To glorify God by denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Jesus.

Advocates include: Christopher Yuan, Rosaria Butterfield, Becket Cook

Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, but knowing the difference between right and almost right. --Charles Spurgeon

Key phrases/words to look out for:

**Don't try to win people over with sinful are bringing them into sin.

**What you are winning people WITH is what you're winning them TO.

**Sexuality is not WHO you are, but HOW you are

**Gay, straight, bi do not define people; these terms define sexual desires

**Critical Theory framework: marginalized, oppressed people-groups

What Biblical voices do we listen to among all the noise??

Christopher highly recommends Dr. Rosaria Butterfield as THE #1 Biblical voice on this issue. Becket Cook is also highly recommended! See resources listed below.

Resources mentioned:

Be sure to check out Christopher's BRAND NEW video series for teens & parents called The Holy Sexuality Project:

Christopher's book, "Holy Sexuality and the Gospel," is a must-read:

Christopher's book that he wrote with his mother, "Out of a Far Country":

Rosaria Butterfield's (4) books:

#4. BRAND NEW and MUST-READ, "Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age" (2023):

#3. The Gospel Comes with a Housekey (2018):

#1. The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (2014):

Becket Cook's book, "A Change of Affection":

Book mentioned by Christopher (Note: This is NOT a Christian book or author, but it dismantles the argument of "fixed sexual orientation"):

Christopher's review of Matthew Vines' book, "God and the Gay Christian":

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