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Are Police Shootings an Epidemic?

Guest: Eric Muldrow, from Code Red Conversations; Policing and Systemic Racism

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Segment #1: Interview with Eric Muldrow

Eric brought some real conversation and helped us understand what's going on with policing in America.

Throughout our conversation, Eric's many years of experience in law enforcement and his research expertise helped us understand these questions:

  • Are police officers specifically targeting black people (i.e. "hunting us down in the streets" as Lebron James stated in a media interview)?

  • How does the data compare between shootings of black Americans versus other ethnicities?

  • How does the data account for ratios/proportion of black Americans in the population?

  • How does the historical data of police violence against people of color compare and contrast to the present statistics?

  • How have the "Use of Force Policies" affected the decline in police violence over the years?

  • Are police officers afraid to use force nowadays?

  • Is there systemic racism in law enforcement?

  • What about "The Talk" for black families instructing their children on how to interact with law enforcement?

  • What do you do if you feel you have been unjustly victimized by a law enforcement officer?

  • Finally, what can we do as Christians to support law enforcement? Short answer: Let them know! Say something to let law enforcement officers know you appreciate what they do!


Connect with the Guest


Segment #2: Mo's Moment

Monique highlighted a recent quote and graphic from Krista (aka Theology Mom):

Be on the lookout for a special announcement on this: a blueprint for discipling your kids!

Monique's Family Meeting for the Center for Biblical Unity featured Elizabeth Urbanowicz, as the ladies discuss the topic "Talking to Your Kids About Critical Race Theory."

Segment #2 Resources

What is Krista's #1 pro tip for parenting kids counterculturally? Biblical literacy is crucial! Make Bible reading a daily rhythm, in the same way children are taught to brush their teeth, shower, etc. Incorporate reading the Bible together as a family.

Author and friend of the ministry, Natasha Crain, has a wealth of resources on this topic (including a brand new podcast!)

Books by Natasha Crain:

Here's a previous episode we did with Natasha.


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