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Ask Us Anything

It was a whirlwind of questions for almost two hours!

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Question #1: What is the LDS view of the coronavirus?

Krista's brother is an active member of the LDS church (and a frequent watcher of the show). One of our viewers inquired about what his view is of the virus.


Question #2: What is your favorite part of "safer at home"?

We are early in the early stages of the quarantine. We might feel different a few weeks from now! But we are enjoying family time.


Question #3: Are you familiar with the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)? Are there modern "apostles"?

Krista mentioned a series of article by New Testament scholar, Dr. Craig Keener:


Question #4: What books/movies are you watching?

Apparently, Monique reads. We aren't really sure what Krista does.


Question #5: What is your opinion of Jordan Peterson?

Easy answer.


Question #6: Why does the Catholic Bible have more books?

Great question. Krista has a video.


Question #7: How can you keep common ground with people who stop talking to you because of your views?

Good question. It's not always easy or simple.


Question #8: What will your church service look like tomorrow?

We have been enjoying worshiping together as a family with our daughter's Anglican Catholic church.


Question #9: What are your views about women’s roles in the church?

We actually covered this topic on a previous show.


Question #10: How do you start podcast?

Well, in our case, get Krista to trick you into it..


Question #11: What are your thoughts about healing with a handkerchief or laying on a person?

There are biblical precedents for this. Is it still a thing? We have some thoughts.


Question #12: Is there an objective standard for beauty?

We actually had a great discussion with our friend and artist, Rachel Shockey, about this very question. (And this reminded us, we should get her on again.)

Viewers may also enjoy the classic video series from Francis Shaeffer, "How Shall We Then Live?"

We also mentioned the classic book by H. R. Rookmaaker, Modern Art and the Death of a Culture..


Question #13: Is it the End of the World?

No discussion about the end of the world would be complete without a mention of the classic Christian film, A Thief in the Night. Or its 90s equivalent, Left Behind.

Also, Krista has made some recent videos on this topic.


Question #14: Can You Recommend any Homeschool Resources?

We know that many of you are feeling overwhelmed about the sudden prospect of homeschooling. Viewers share some resources.


Question #15: What is the best creed to memorize?

Krista recommends The Apostles' Creed or the Nicene Creed. They are universally accepted by Protestants, Roman Catholic and Orthodox.


Question #16: How have Christians historically responded to epidemics?

Krista recommends Rodney Stark's very helpful book, The Rise of Christianity.


Question #17: After conversion are we saints or sinners?



Question #18: Are Christian Universalists saved?

Well, that's probably God's call.


Question #19: Have you seen "The Chosen"?

Not yet. But we were inspired to after this question. Here is our review.


Question #20: What resource can you recommend about the authority of the Christian?

Krista actually has an entire teaching series on this topic: “Ministering like Jesus


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