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Ask Us Anything!

We said you could ask us anything...And you did!

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Rundown of the Conversation

Viewers kept the questions coming –– early and often. Here is a rundown on some of the resources we mentioned during the broadcast.

Monique spoke at a homeschool group in Northern CA this past week.

Would you like to have Monique come to your church or homeschool group to share her story about coming out of Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Book Monique to come speak with your group!

How did Krista and Monique meet?

Here are some more details about their crazy story from a previous episode of All The Things.

What books does Monique recommend on racial unity?

Beyond Racial Gridlock, by George Yancey

When did Krista start listening to Johnny Cash?

Krista shared some of her reasons on a previous episode of the 28:19 show

What book has influenced Krista’s life?

What Bible resources does Krista recommend?

What translation of the Bible does Krista recommend?

Here is a message she did discussing the various methods of Bible translation: Navigating the Maze of Bible Translations

Have you watched the By What Standard documentary from Founder’s Ministries?

Yes, and we did a past episode where we discussed it.

What is the Christian’s Relationship to the Law?

Krista has done some teaching on that topic.

How to Answer God’s Call to Justice

Can you recommend some secular resources responding to Critical Theory?


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