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Ask Us Anything

Krista and Monique answer your questions - LIVE!

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Segment #1: Live Q & A From Viewers!

Here's a sampling of some viewers' questions:

If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?

M: The Apostle Peter; Prince and/or Alvin Ailey and Bob Fosse (both dancers)

K: Mary Magdalene; C.S. Lewis

If you could go back to your 20-year-old self, what would you say?

K: #1--Yes, marry the nerd you are dating! It will work out well for you. #2--Things will get better. Trust the Lord. Don't make any stupid decisions. Obey the Lord and things will get better when you're about 44.

M: Don't be so hard on yourself!! It's okay to do you and put you first and have balance (rather than constantly pouring out for others).

For Monique: What is your favorite 90s dance move?

Roger Rabbit, Kid-n-Play, Creep from TLC

For Krista: What is your favorite Johnny Cash song?

What is Truth?, Man in Black, Old Chunk of Coal

What is your 5-year-plan for the ministry?

Go forward with a message of Biblical family! Leading conversations of race, justice, and unity from a specific, strategic Biblical perspective. Having an academic council, growing the Board, resource development, classes and education.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

K: Watching mysteries, watching The Waltons, 80s sitcoms, Seinfeld, The Facts of Life

M: Butter pecan ice cream or pecan praline, pizza topped with pineapple and ham, french fries dipped in ice cream, The Blindside movie

Do you think aliens exist and, if so, what do you think are the implications for the Christian worldview?

K: Aliens are probably an expression of the demonic. Not persuaded they are physical craft. Skeptical about people/spacecraft coming from far away galaxies.

M: I sure hope not! But it would increase my faith to be like Jesus!

Did you ever have a Jonah moment where you felt God calling you to your purpose or mission, but thought about going in a different direction?

K: Yes, when God called me into a particular ministry about 6 years ago and I was reluctant to do it; took about a year to get started.

M: When He told me to start CFBU, I flat-out said, "No."

For Krista: When did you start working at Reasons to Believe?

About 22 years ago when my friend (and favorite theologian!) Ken Samples recruited me.

What does the Bible say about how the Holy Spirit speaks to us today? What about contemplative prayer?

K: Combination of reading the Bible/good Hermeneutics AND hearing from the Lord (testing the spirits, dreams, visions, etc); not a fan of contemplative prayer in the sense of Richard Rohr/new age

M: Relational dynamic of inquiring of the Lord, testing the spirits

For Monique: What type of dance did you do and how many years?

Ballet (hardest!), Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical. Became interested in dance around the age of 13.

Can you tell us about the Nephilim?

Mentioned in Genesis 6...meaning is "fallen ones" in Hebrew. Creatures or people that seem to have caused inappropriate marrying. One theory: descendants of the line of Seth and Cain inter-marrying. Or another theory is that they are aliens/demonic.

What can you say about women's roles in the Church?

M: Probably lean more toward a middle lane...women play pivotal roles... deaconesses, missionaries... men and women have distinct roles and they are not interchangeable.

K: Two positions in Protestantism: Complementarian and Egalitarian -- Both affirm dignity of women, made in the image of God. Complementarian = fundamentally different roles according to the created order; Egalitarian = men and women are equal and interchangeable. God gives spiritual gifts to both men and women; however, there seems to be a distinction between "offices" held in the church (e.g. teaching pastor, bishop, deacon, etc) held by men.

What do you two think of all of the videos of parents confronting school boards over the teaching of CRT to children?

K: God bless them! Parents should push back, but it may not be very successful to create change at this point.

M: Use your voice, your vote, and your dollar!

How did Krista and Monique meet?

Basically, God brought them together through mutual friends and a vivid dream that Krista had about a missionary working in South Africa.

What advice would you give a new homeschooling family of middle schoolers?

Get a community together of like-minded friends! Don't stress yourself out by trying to be perfect! Let your kids steer the curriculum to some degree. They need buy in! If the curriculum is not working, move on and try something different!


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Segment #2: Announcements and Show Sponsors!

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