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Ask Us Anything!

It's the annual Ask Us Anything show! Ask us your questions about race, justice, worldview issues, or the ever-popular questions about how we met. We will answer as many as possible.

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Ask Us Anything!

Here is a sampling of the questions we discussed on tonight's show!

Q: I have small children. What Bible story book do you recommend?

A: Use the actual Bible! Find a reader's version/simplified translation as opposed to a Bible story book. Be sure to check out the WIA Discipleship Begins at Home Conference.

Q: What are good resources for understanding Critical Theory and its implications?

A: Read a first source on Critical Theory to get a basic understanding, then it can be applied to the other social theories (race, sex, gender, age, ability, etc). Books such as Critical Race Theory: An Introduction by Delgado and Stefancic can be helpful.

Q: Is it okay to utilize your YouTube videos as a Sunday School discussion group?


Q: What book have you read or what book of the Bible has had a large impact on you?

A: Krista: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Stuart and Fee; Without a Doubt by Ken Samples and the Bible book of Ephesians

Monique--"Social Justice and Diversity"; The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas and the Bible books of Ephesians, Micah, and Ruth

Q: What would be a good cultural apologetics curriculum for a high school/college Sunday school class?

A: A Practical Guide to Culture by Brett Kunkle and John Stonestreet (a student's version is also available)

Q: How have you changed since starting CFBU? What was the impetus?

A: Krista--My understanding and augmentation of history! For example, learning about things like the Tulsa Massacre, redlining, more details of Jim Crow Laws, etc. The Critical Theories were all new!

Monique--My views of abortion, LGBTQ+ issues, systemic race issues

Q: Krista, when are you going to write a book about Christianity and Country Music?

A: Ha! Maybe someday I'll do a livestream about the theology of Johnny Cash!

Q: Krista, if you were having coffee with Johnny Cash, what questions would you ask?

A: Memories/impacts of the death of his brother, favorite hymns, what life was like for his parents as sharecroppers in Arkansas.

Q: Do you have any college recommendations?

Q: What was the final straw that brought Monique out of CRT?

A: Many conversations with Krista, Just Thinking podcast with Virgil Walker and Darrell Harrison, sermon on "Ethnic Gnosticism" by Voddie Baucham.

Q: How did Bob and Krista meet?

A: Film program at Biola in 1988; we worked together on a semester-long group project

Q: What are your favorite hymns?

A: Monique--Be Thou My Vision; We need hymns with good beats!

Krista--Great is Thy Faithfulness, Be Thou My Vision

Q: As longtime members of a church, do we stay or go when LGBTQ+ affirming beliefs begin to come into the church?

A: Ask the Lord first! He will guide you as to whether you should stay and fight or to leave and be fed elsewhere.

Q: What Sunday School curriculum do you recommend as an alternative to Orange?

A: Check out Foundation Worldview from our friend Elizabeth Urbanowicz. Also, check out The Gospel Project and Summit Ministries.

Q: When will book group registrations open?

A: Open now! Get all the info here.

Q: Should every Christian invest in Theology and Apologetics or is it a calling for just some Christians?

A: EVERY Christian! Take classes and/or read up on Theology and Apologetics in order to have a solid understanding of the Christian faith.

Q: What Apologetics materials do you recommend for a pre-teen?

A: J. Warner Wallace and Lee Strobel have great options.

Q: What do you foresee for the Church in the next 10 years?

A: Monique--Depends on what the Church does today! Not hopeful as long as the Church continues to eat what the culture is feeding us. We need to turn around! Beware of Queer Theory in Evangelical churches.

Krista--It will become "weird" and "uncomfortable" when Christians live counterculturally, such as being married to one spouse of the opposite sex, having children, working hard, being pro-life, etc; it will have an alienating affect...there may be a growing movement to remove children from Christian homes, teachers/schools seen as more authoritative than parents.

Q: What is Apologetics?

A: Based on a legal term...Christians giving reasons/defense of what they believe and why they believe it.

Q: Contemplative prayer...helpful or New Age trash?

A: Can be risky...sometimes the path leads into the teachings of Richard Rohr and New Age ideas. Check out the work of Marcia Montenegro for more information.

Q: What do you think about the Orthodox Church?

A: There are things we agree with them on and differences between the two.


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