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Christianity's African Roots

North African church fathers; College student says there are too many white students

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There is a frequent accusation in our culture that Christianity is a "white" religion. But is that true? We looked at the North African roots of the Christian faith and some of the key African Fathers.

Our guest, Kirollos Guirguis is a seminarian and subdeacon in the Coptic Orthodox Church. He shares with us about the role of North African in the foundation of our faith. Protestant believers stand on the shoulders of these giants.

Being informed about these heroes of our faith helps us have strong roots in history and doctrine. It also helps us begin to de-Americanize our faith, which is a topic that I addressed a few weeks ago in this video.

Here are a few links to further resources about the African roots of our faith:


This last week a video went viral of a college student telling white students that they should be "mindful" of the "space they are occupying." Monique has some thoughts about this. So, does the university's president.


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