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Coming Out of CRT

Guest: Edwin Ramirez; coming out of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement

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Segment #1: Review and Announcements

Big things are happening at the Center for Biblical Unity (CFBU)! Monique started a blog, we have merch for sale, and you can become a Patreon member to support the ministry of CFBU! Check it out.

Our friend, Dr. Thaddeus Williams, has a new book coming out soon. Monique contributed to the book, as well as tonight’s guest, Edwin Ramirez. Check out the link to pre-order your copy

If you missed our show last week, go check it out! We talked about the difficulty we’re all facing right now regarding issues of race and justice:

Monique just recorded an interview with Elizabeth Urbanowicz from Foundation Worldview. Monique shared about how to help children understand ethnic diversity and Biblical unity.


Segment #2: Interview with Edwin Ramirez

Many Christians are rushing to read books on Critical Race Theory this week, while we had a great conversation with two Christians who already made the journey in and OUT of CRT. Monique and our guest, Edwin Ramirez, shared their stories of coming out of social justice. We also talked about the new CRT canon: White Fragility, Be the Bridge, etc.

Edwin Ramirez is a former pastor, blogger, and podcast host hailing from New York. You can find Edwin’s content in many places:

Find Edwin on social media:

  • Facebook

  • Intagram and Twitter: @FanintoFlameE

For additional resources on issues of race, justice, and unity from a Biblical perspective, check out Monique's YouTube channel.


Segment #3: Tweet of the Week

Monique and Krista shares some thoughts on one of our favorite Tweeters, Dr. Neil Shenvi. #relatable


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