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Critical Theory Goes to Christian Colleges

Guest: Dr. Corey Miller, President of Ratio Christi

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Segment #1: Interview with Dr. Corey Miller

Dr. Miller is the President and CEO of Ratio Christi (Latin for "The Reason of Christ"), a campus-type ministry focused on Apologetics and Evangelism.

Dr. Miller walked us through the progression of Critical Theory--its evolution from a Marxist ideology in Europe into the current streams we're seeing in modern America. Critical Theory is the broader framework under which many other cultural constructs are described, including race, class, sex, and gender. Within these CT frameworks, people are divided into the "haves" and "have-nots", "oppressed" and "oppressor", "victims" and "victimizers." At the end of the day, the supposed goal of Critical Theory is to eradicate inequality in order to bring about justice.

How is Critical Theory Coming in to Christian Universities?

It is coming in through the ""Trojan Horse"" of social justice. Administrators and Christian parents are not aware of the subtle ways it is infiltrating under the guise of social justice.

People need to be aware so that they can BEWARE!

What Can We Do?

--Study scripture and theology, rather than sociology and culture

--Put pressure on the institutions (realize changes will not happen overnight!)

--Talk to administrators, ask questions, write letters, push back

--Parents need to seriously consider not sending their kids to these schools

--Christians do not have to consent to these things (e.g. on-campus groups specifically designed for white students to learn about their privilege)

--Parents need to train their kids to recognize these issues and say no

--Be brave to share sound theology and resources on social media

Connect with Dr. Corey Miller on the Ratio Christi website


Segment #2 Tweet of the Week and Announcements!

Ariel Gonzalez Bovat had some things to say about racial reconciliation.

At long last, it's almost time for our friend, Thaddeus Williams, to release his new book! We are hosting a launch party on Sunday, December 5th at 5pm! Mark your calendars! It will include special guests, giveaways, and plenty of fun!

We would love to come and speak at your event or church! Check out the CFBU page to find out more!


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