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Do We Need To De-Colonize The Gospel?

Jude 3 Project; Through Eyes of Color small group curriculum; Bad Bible interpretation; adoption

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You may not have yet heard yet about the Jude 3 Project. Their founder, Lisa Fields, has been highlighted in Christianity Today for her work. She is a seminary grad who is bringing apologetics to the black church. Her work has even caught the attention of RZIM, a huge apologetics ministry founded by Ravi Zacharias.

We offer some comments about the work of Jude 3 Project and their new small group curriculum, "Through Eyes of Color."

Be sure to also check out Krista's video about the Ethiopian eunuch.


A lot of white people like to touch Monique's hair. No, really. Like, complete strangers. Boundaries, people! Monique wanted to share some thoughts about the beauty of how God made her hair.

But there are some things that a lot of white people might not know about the ups and downs of black hair. In fact, when Monique first came to live with Krista, she watched some YouTube videos to get up to speed on all the terms. (It was her way of expressing love to Monique and trying to appreciate the struggle.) Sort of like this video here:


A video clip was making the rounds this week on Twitter. A lady preacher was giving a word. Krista also has a word: "Don't do it this way."

Want a better way? Start here:


Tweet of the Week: Adoption

As you know, Monique and I are passionate about adoption. After all, Monique has become part of our family. But adoption isn't just a nice idea. It's how God has chosen to reveal an important part of our salvation.


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