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Educational Choice & Justice

Guest: Latasha Fields; Homeschool Advocate; Churches Helping Families with Education

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Segment #1: Interview with Latasha Fields

Homeschool advocate, Latasha Fields, laid out her case for education as being part of the broader project of a parents' job to disciple their children in the faith. We also talked about the importance of local churches thinking more strategically about helping to resource the parents in their congregation to be able offer educational options for single and low-income parents.

Krista was introduced to Latasha Fields via the 1776 Unites Project


Segment #2: Recap and More to Come!

We were waving the fan tonight as Latasha brought out many important points to consider! This discussion is just the beginning and we are going to look at continuing the conversation and maybe even developing a conference...?!

In the meantime, check out the resources available from our friend, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, with Foundation Worldview.

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Connect with Latasha Fields:

Twitter: @CHESS_UP


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