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Equipping Parents to Raise Biblically Minded Kids in a Secular Culture

Monique and Krista talked to apologist, La Nej Garrison, about strategies to equip Christian parents to raise Godly children. Recorded live at the 2022 Women in Apologetics conference.

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Interview with La Nej Garrison

La Nej is married to her husband, Matt, and she is the mother of 3 boys.

La Nej has her MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Talbot School of Theology (Biola). She is a writer, speaker, apologist, and teacher of a Worldview class to high school seniors.

La Nej helped us think through these important questions:

How can Christian parents raise kids to understand what's happening regarding CRT and how to stand against it?

  • We (parents) need to be equipped first! We need to know what we are talking about (know the terms, ask a lot of questions).

  • Remember: No theory should be what's fueling the church's mission; the church's mission is to preach the gospel and win souls for Christ!

  • Pray! Use critical thinking and ask a lot of questions.

  • Make sure we know the Bible and we understand Scripture IN CONTEXT!

How do we raise bold kids?

  • We need to raise our kids to be holy, meaning set apart

  • We need to train our kids to be comfortable with not being like the world; they need to be able to stand apart from the crowd, which is also how you train leaders

  • Don't be your child's "friend"--be their PARENT!

  • Set boundaries! Train your kids in the way they SHOULD go, not the way you went!

The mantra in the world is "be kind" and a similar mantra within the church is "be winsome" do we navigate this?

  • To their credit, the church is the "parent" over adults, meaning the church is trying to train and foster change within the congregation--this is difficult, just as it is with adults parenting children.

  • Understand that kindness without change and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is secularism.

  • Teach kids the value of repentance (heart change, not just behavior change)...character is who they are when no one is watching. Help them understand the hierarchy--they have disobeyed/sinned against God first, then their parent, which is important for them to understand in terms of repentance.

What are some creative ways that parents can be Biblically minded and get Scripture into their children?

  • Church is a priority for the family!

  • Kids need to give God 5 minutes (before they get on devices or do anything else!); important for parents to model this as well

  • Kids should get comfortable opening and reading their Bible or devotional

  • Have dinner together, teaching and talking about Biblical things while eating a meal or while in the car

  • Use cartoons, video games, etc as conversation starters and teachable moments (No devices in rooms!)

  • Constant engagement from the parents, which is exhausting, but it takes being intentional

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