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Every Black Life Matters

Guest: Kevin McGary; Christian alternative to BLM

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Segment #1: Interview with Kevin McGary

Kevin gave us some REAL TALK about the dangers of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and introduced us to his ministry, Every Black Life Matters.

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • Kevin and his co-founder, Neil, felt the Lord leading them to leverage the momentum of BLM and stay in the same nomenclature, but completely reframe the argument.

  • Black life is much more dynamic than just police brutality. They want to fully support Black life from the womb to the tomb and every phase in between. For example in the womb, early childhood development, educational choices, fatherhood, criminal justice reform, economic opportunities, feeding the poor--ALL OF IT!

  • Kevin walked us through the progression of socialism (wealth redistribution), marxism (pseudo-totalitarian), and communism (totalitarian government)

  • Capitalism/free markets have pulled more people out of poverty than any other economic system. Furthermore, for people of faith, Marxism is demonic, all founders/early proponents of Marxism were atheists and haters of God

  • Standpoint epistemology via CRT, social justice gospel, liberation theology/Black liberation theology is the lens that some pastors are looking at the Bible Galatians 1:8-9. You can't run with demons and expect to reach eternity with God!

  • CRT and Black liberation theology are like twins and run on parallel tracks...equity is the Trojan Horse and out of equity we get CRT, liberation theology/Black liberation theology, social justice...all rooted in Marxism

  • Definition of Systemic Racism and explanation with Planned Parenthood as an example

Kevin explained the 4 pillars of Every Black Life Matters, which is found on their website:

1. Pro-Black life

While God has placed intrinsic value on all lives, due to the circumstances and plight in the Black community, our organization’s focus is to unabashedly and unapologetically advocate for the respect and sanctity of every Black life.

2. Black Economic Prosperity

The most effective way to build Black wealth for individuals, families or businesses is to educate and train the community how to embrace innovation and leverage free markets and entrepreneurialism.

3. High Expectations

As long as there is "fair play” and transparency, there isn’t a need for special privileges because of skin color. Blacks are not victims at the mercy of handouts from others. We can achieve well-beyond existing paradigms and trends that connote low (or marginal) expectations for a successful future.

4. Educational Choice

Eliminating existing barriers that pose disproportional education (a lack of parental or educational "choice") will help the Black community realize the possibility of a better life, increase self-confidence and develop more eager personal initiatives.


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Segment #2: Announcements and Mo's Moment

Our 6-week small group curriculum is ready for pre-orders and drops on July 31st!

Endorsements are coming in from our friends J. Warner Wallace, Alisa Childers, Joe Miller, and the forward was written by the legendary J.P. Moreland.

Mo's Moment:

Check out last week's CFBU Family Meeting where Monique discusses Chanequa Walker-Barnes' prayer from the book "A Rhythm of Prayer":

Segment #2 Resources

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