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God's Plan to Solve Our Racial Identity Crisis

"Racial reconciliation" is not the way

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Segment 1: Discussion of Race and Identity

We are on the road, family! Tonight's episode was pre-recorded; the ladies had a very thoughtful discussion regarding race and identity.

Conversations on identity are everywhere! Teens and young people are continually being asked, "Who are you?"

The topics/ideas for this show are things we have addressed at various conferences. These are the themes that keep coming up, so we wanted to provide an informative conversation to help equip you in handling these issues.

First off, when presenting this topic to audiences, we start by asking: What are you hearing on social media, in the mainstream media, at your school, or with your peers...what are some of the labels? Examples: white privileged, white supremacist, victim, thug, always angry, model minority or ignored

We need to understand that culture calls us all names! No need to shy away from conversations about the way things are. Culture invites us to define or redefine ourselves or speak an identity over us that we don't find in Scripture.

However, in Biblical Christianity, we define identity as what God declares over us. It is true of us in a declarative sense. It is objective truth. Not based on our sin or lived experience.

Who does God say you WERE (apart from Him)?

Separated from God, not part of the Covenant, created in God's image, male or female, dead in our trespasses

CREATION IDENTITY: Our identity as human beings, as defined by God since the beginning

  • We are created beings (Genesis 1 & 2)

  • We are created in the image of God

  • We are created with specific biological sex: male or female

  • We are created to get married + procreate

  • We are created to work

  • We are social creatures

  • We are fallen/sinful creatures (Genesis 3)

Our creation identity is under assault in our culture! We must be training our children to live counter-culturally!

Who does God say we ARE after our identity is "in Christ"? In other words, after salvation?

SALVATION IDENTITY: Our identity as children of God (John 1:12). Specific distinction for those who believe in the name of Jesus. Not every image bearer is actually a child of God. In other words, all humans are created in the image of God, but then a subset within that are the children of God.

  • We are children of God (John 1:12)

  • We are adopted into God's family (Eph. 1)

  • We are forgiven (Eph. 4:32, Col. 3:13)

  • We are no longer defined by our sin nature (2 Cor. 5) or our past sins (Col. 3:5-7)

  • No longer separated from God (Rom. 8:38-39), Heb. 4:16)

  • We have the assurance of spending eternity in heaven (John 3:16)

  • We are obedient to God (1 Pet. 1:14)

Why are these topics important when talking about race issues?

  • Ephesians 1 & 2—adopted, brothers and sisters, heirs

  • In the book of James—we don't show favoritism toward one another

  • 2 Corinthians 5—not holding someone's sins against them; not regarded from the old man

We are not trying to attain unity with the world! Let's focus on Ephesians 4 and unity within the Church!

Where does ethnicity fit in? What about regional origin, skin color, family origin, socio-economic status, etc?

ISSUES OF PROVIDENCE: God's placement of our life in a particular time, place, ethnic heritage, family heritage, language, socio-economic status. These are the things we don't have a say over!

Acts 17:26: "And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place..." God providentially allowed variation in skin color as people migrated.

Let's do the hard work of de-coupling skin color/race from culture and ethnicity; oftentimes race, culture, and ethnicity can get collapsed together, which can be very confusing!

RACE: According to the U.S. Census, race is defined in 5 categories: White, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American; social construct, based on skin color/melanin

CULTURE: Norms or belief systems, language, art within a society, unspoken attitudes, certain tastes (foods), rituals (singing happy birthday, shaking hands, eye contact). We don't want to conflate skin color and culture! For example, "The Black Experience" or "Whiteness"...meaning, if you are Black, you have *this* certain experience.

ETHNICITY: According to the U.S. Census, there appears to be 2 categories: Hispanic/Latino or NOT Hispanic/Latino

Greek word: Ethnos (translated as "nations"), where we get the word ethnicity; Matthew 28:19, Revelation 7...According to Scripture: OT—Jews and non-Jews (nations) and in the NT— "In Adam" and "In Christ"

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