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Help! My Church is Getting Woke!

Guest: Pastor Virgil Walker; Pastoral and Church Challenges in the Wake of the Race Riots

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Segment #1: Interview with Virgil Walker

We are getting flooded with messages from people saying that their churches are getting "woke" and their pastors are recommending Be The Bridge and White Fragility. We had a great conversation about what's happening in our churches with Pastor Virgil “Omaha” Walker from the Just Thinking Podcast.

Virgil gave us some straight talk and continued to bring us back to the truth of Scripture. The terms “social justice,” “white guilt,” and “white fragility” are the formation of a different and false gospel. There is no such thing as “racial reconciliation.” Rather our reconciliation to God already took place at the Cross (2 Corinthians 5: 11-21) and united us to one another.

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For additional resources on this topic, check out Monique’s interview with Alisa Childers.

Also check out Virgil's sermon that he mentions on Racial Reconciliation.

Also, go check out the Proverbial Life Podcast with our friend, Edwin Ramirez.


Segment #2: 2020 UP Conference


Segment #3: Tweet of the Week

Neil Shenvi is the ever-ready bringer of the Tweets.


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