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How My Multiethnic Church Split Over Race

Monique and Krista were joined by Kevin Briggins (co-host, Off Code podcast) to discuss his experience as an elder in a multiethnic church that became divided over the issue of race.

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Discussion with Kevin Briggs

Our discussion with Kevin developed out of a blog post he wrote based on his experience as an elder in a multiethnic church. Check out the article here:

Kevin explained: After race relations among blacks and whites intensified in 2015 and 2016 with several high profile shootings, in addition to the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, tensions rose within Kevin's multiethnic church. The elder team took a discipleship approach to help the congregation navigate the issues together.

Their strategy:

  1. Lots of listening!

  2. Education for the congregation in American history--the FULL story, on both sides of the black-white race issues

  3. Participation in a book group to discuss George Yancey's book, "Beyond Racial Gridlock"

**Racism/prejudice is a human condition, NOT merely an American condition**

Kevin was recently a CFBU book group leader for George Yancey's latest book, "Beyond Racial Division." Kevin explained Yancey's model for reconciliation:

Focus is on 'collaborative conversations' among the two main groups: colorblind group and antiracism group (two competing ideologies on the topic of race). For example, everyone gets a seat at the table, active listening is crucial, etc.

Note: Yancey provides good recommendations for conflict resolution. However, there are concerns about compromising on morals/Biblical principles versus compromising on personal interests.

Check out Monique's recent review of George Yancey's book:

Have you listened to Off Code, the new podcast with Monique and Kevin? They bring real talk from the kitchen table out into the open! Check it out at the link below on YouTube (and also on Apple podcasts and Spotify):

Segment #1 Resources

Kevin was introduced to the work of CFBU from Monique's interviews on the Alisa Childers Podcast. Check out those important discussions here: Race, Injustice, and the Gospel of Critical Race Theory, With Monique Duson

Connect with the Guest

Twitter: @KJBrigg


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Krista recently had a great conversation with Dr. Karl Payne, author of "Spiritual Warfare" over on her podcast at Theology Mom. Check out that conversation here:

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