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Is Interracial Adoption Causing More Harm Than Good?

Ryan Bomberger shared his journey as a child who was adopted into a family from a different race.

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Intro and Interview with Ryan Bomberger

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Tonight's show is a very special topic!

Many people have reached out with their questions and heart-felt challenges regarding the issues surrounding interracial and interethnic adoption.

Ryan Bomberger, Founder of the Radiance Foundation, shared his personal story and wisdom regarding adoption and pro-life issues.

Ryan brought some important truth bombs:

  • Every human life has equal and irrevocable value, whether you are planned, unplanned, able or disabled.

  • The circumstances of our conception do not change the condition of our worth!

Q: Tell us about the impact of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the adoption world?

The effects of CRT in the adoption world are DISASTROUS! When a child is languishing in foster care, the last thing that is on their mind is that they want a mom or dad who look just like them! Those children want someone to love them, to care about them, and to see their worth! CRT places too much emphasis on culture and color and it's detrimental to the very children that they're claiming to want to help.

Q: Sometimes Christians have a negative view of do we respond to this?

Adoption is the essence of salvation! God designed our rescue and redemption through adoption (Ephesians 1:5)! Adoption is often seen as shameful and disgraceful, but it need not be! Adoption does come out of brokenness, yes, but in the natural and supernatural, adoption brings healing and is a journey toward healing and it is such a powerful act of love on the birth parent's part and on the adoptive family's part.

Q: What about the idea of colonization (especially for white families that adopt interracially or interethnically)?

First of all, don't listen to Ibram X. Kendi, whose perspective of "anti-racism" is actually racist! It is disastrous when words like "colonization" are used to demonize an act of love. Adoption is not an act of colonizing, rather it is an act of symbolizing in the natural world what happens in the spiritual realm when we are adopted into God's family. Adoption is an act of emphasizing and exercising God's love and carrying that out.

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Ryan's exhortation:

Christians, stop listening to "This is what it means to be white" and "This is what it means to be black"...get back to the Word that actually speaks in black and white and says--here is what is right, here is what is wrong, here is what is righteous, here is what is sinful. And if we don't get ahold of what that truly is, we're going to be misled by the world at every turn!


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