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Is Math Racist?

Guest, Dr. Neil Shenvi: Critical Theory coming into the STEMM fields

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Part #1: A Brief Explanation of Critical Theory

What is Critical Theory? In this segment, Theoretical Chemist and Critical Theory Explainer, Dr. Neil Shenvi, explains the basics of Critical Theory, its roots, and how we can see it at work in society today.


Part #2: Is Math Racist?

(Time cue: 37:12)

Can math be antiracist? Recently, the American Mathematical Society published this blog article suggesting that math operates much like "Whiteness," with "unearned privilege in society": Can Math Be Racist?, Dr. Shenvi explains why math is being viewed as racist and shares how Critical Theory is coming into the STEMM fields.


Part #3: Critical Theory & Christianity

(Time cue: 58:20)

Many Christians wonder if Critical Theory is an acceptable framework to adopt in the church. Dr. Shenvi explains the errors and contradictions between Critical Theory and the historic Christian faith.

Toward the end of the show, we briefly touched on the idea of "intersectionality." We take a deeper dive into that concept in this video.


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