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Is Your Church Drifting into Progressive Theology?

Guest: Alisa Childers; the New Liberalism of Progressive Christianity

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Segment #1: Interview with Alisa Childers

Progressive theology is the new liberal creep in many evangelical churches and colleges. But what are some of the signs that your local church is drifting into these errors? We had a great discussion about it!

We had a great conversation with Alisa Childers about the features of Progressive Christianity and the subtle ways it may be entering into many evangelical churches. Alisa also shared her personal story of doubt in her faith and how that journey of deconstruction led her into a solid confidence in Historic Christianity.

Alisa helped us understand the hallmark traits of Progressive Christianity, including:

  • Faulty view of the Bible--not seeing it as the inspired, authoritative Word of God, but rather more of an “ancient spiritual travel journal”

  • Atonement is seen as “cosmic child abuse”

  • Redefining/downplaying sin

  • Pluralistic; seeing everyone as a child of God

Alisa explained that there appears to be two approaches to the Progressive view. One is the theological approach that includes authors such as Peter Enns, Brian McLaren, Rachel Held Evans, William Paul Young, Richard Rohr, and Rob Bell. The other approach is the secularized/self-help aspect, which includes authors such as Jen Hatmaker, Rachel Hollis, and Glennon Doyle.


Segment #2: Progressive Christianity and CRT and Resources

An interesting aspect of Progressive Christianity is its connection to Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory. Krista found this discussion with Alisa Childers and Neil Shenvi to be extremely helpful:

Krista’s recent teaching series on justice also relates to this discussion:

What do I do if my loved one is falling into Progressive theology?

Follow Alisa’s work!

Alisa has a book coming out this fall entitled “Another Gospel?” Click here to pre-order.

Alisa was prominently featured in the documentary American Gospel: Christ Crucified.

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