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Live Free or Die

"Harriet" movie; Paula White now on White House staff; former LGBT people went to the Capitol; Eric Mason calls apologist, Dr. James White, a "racist"

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We went to see the new biopic "Harriet" last night. We thought it was a powerful depiction of the life of American icon and Christian hero, Harriet Tubman.

But not everyone agrees with us. Some don't think it's an effort worthy of Harriet. So we addressed that as well.


Prosperity Gospel preacher, Paula White has been a long-time spiritual advisor to the Trumps. This week it was announced that she is now on White House staff.

And then this video went viral this week.

We have some thoughts about Ms. White now being the public face of Christianity.


A group of former gays, lesbians and trans people went to the Capitol last week to speak with lawmakers about H.R. 5 (or what’s being called the Equality Act), which could pose a threat to Christian business owners who don’t want to provide services for same-sex weddings and celebrations. This group’s message: Jesus changes things.


Eric Mason, author of the book, Woke Church, and leader in the Christian Critical Race Theory conversation, called popular Christian apologist, Dr. James White a "racist" this week.

Naturally, that set off a fury of retweets and response videos. Of course, we have some thoughts.


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