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Living as a Religious Minority

Guest: Abouna Anthony Mourad from Coptic Orthodox Answers

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Segment #1: Interview with Abouna Anthony Mourad

Abouna (meaning "Father" in Arabic) Anthony Mourad brought the REAL TALK about the cost of being a Christ-follower.

First, he gave us a mini history lesson on the beginnings of early Christianity in Egypt, founded by the Apostle Mark in AD 60. Essentially, Christians in ancient times (and even now in the modern day) have faced significant persecution.

Questions we addressed:

  • What are some of the specific challenges Christians face in the East?

  • Given the potential for persecution, how do you engage in discipleship with young adults (when converting to Islam or leaving the Christian faith might be seen as "easier")?

  • What do you see on the horizon for persecution in North America?

Persecution can range from not getting promoted for a job, to having your church burned down, to your daughter being abducted, to your father being killed. Christians in Egypt are living under Islamic Law. They are seen as blasphemers and their persecutors view their actions as "cleansing" or "correcting" this problem.

It all comes down to the Gospel! We have to understand that anybody who carries a cross must also be willing to be crucified. And we have to understand that we are just transitioning; this is not our final destination.

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Segment #2: Justice Teaching Series

Our friend, Brett Kunkle from MAVEN, invited Monique and Krista to do a teaching series at his church with Dr. Thaddeus Williams. This is a great resource to share with friends.

Thaddeus Williams is releasing his new book soon! Let's do our part to support the family and pre-order the book! Also, join us for the Launch Party on Sunday, December 6th at 5pm PST.

Pre-order Thaddeus Williams' book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth


Segment #3: Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving Tuesday is happening on December 1st! Find out how you can give to the ministry of CFBU and learn about our vision and goals for 2021 and beyond!

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