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Navigating the New Canon

Guest: Dr. Neil Shenvi; discussion of popular anti-racist books

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Segment #1: Week in Review

It has been a busy week with interviews, podcasts, and livestreams! Check out what we’ve been up to!

Monique’s interview with Keri Smith from the Unsafe Space podcast.

Monique’s interview with Bobby Conway from the One Minute Apologist:

Monique’s interview with Allie Beth Stuckey from the Relatable podcast:

Krista did a deep dive into 2 Corinthians 5:18—“Has God Given Us the Ministry of Racial Reconciliation?”:

Monique hosts a weekly “Family Meeting” on Thursdays at 6pm (PDT) on Facebook Live. Tune in to stay up to date with the Center for Biblical Unity.


Segment #2: Interview with Dr. Neil Shenvi

Many pastors are recommending anti-racist books to their congregation. They are being put forward as authoritative guides to culture and what our response to the current racial crisis should be. Dr. Neil Shenvi shared his analysis of several popular books including White Fragility, How to Be an Anti-Racist, The Color of Compromise, and Be The Bridge.

Dr. Shenvi is an Apologist, Theoretical Chemist, and Homeschool Father. He has spent countless hours reading, researching, and writing on the topic of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its influence on current culture. During the show, we discussed the four widely popular books mentioned above and Dr. Shenvi addressed these areas for each book:

  • What is the author’s credentials/expertise/come from?

  • What is the author’s worldview/faith?

  • What is the big idea of this book?

  • What is helpful about this book?

  • What are the concerns/criticisms of this book?

For more information, check out these detailed book reviews from Dr. Shenvi and Sam Sey:

White Fragility reviewed by Neil Shenvi

The Color of Compromise reviewed by Sam Sey

For further study on repentance and reparations, check out these resources where we address these topics:

Article by Dr. Neil Shenvi and Dr. Pat Sawyer

All the Things Show: Systemic Racism with Dr. Pat Sawyer:

Theology Mom Livestream: Zacchaeus & The Case For Reparations:

Dr. Shenvi on the Allie Beth Stuckey podcast, Relatable: “Critical Theory: A Disastrous, Unbiblical Worldview.” Check it out:

To find out more about Be the Bridge’s guidelines for white people (scroll to find the document entitled Whiteness 101):

Stay connected with Dr. Neil Shenvi:


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