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Surprise guests and Behind the Scenes of the show

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Segment #1: Special Guests and Memories

We took a trip down memory lane as we reflected on 100 episodes of All the Things!

Viewers' Favorite Episodes and Guests:

Uncultured (when our viewership exploded!):

Abouna Anthony:

Cal Beisner:

Dr. Carol Swain

Latasha Fields:

Several special guests stopped by to offer their congratulations on this milestone!

Dr. Joe Miller

Dr. Miller is co-founder of the Center for Cultural Apologetics. He sits on our Academic Advisory Council and utilizes his expertise to provide wisdom and insight on educational aspects of our content including terms, definitions, and the like.

Find out more about Dr. Miller's work through his website and podcast.

Check out our previous episode with Dr. Miller:

Edwin Ramirez

Pastor Edwin is one of our book group leaders. He will also be a breakout speaker at the UP Conference in September. Edwin hosts his own podcast, The Proverbial Life, and a YouTube channel; and his story is featured in Thaddeus Williams' book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth.

Check out our previous episode with Edwin:

Alisa Childers

Affectionately known as "Auntie Alisa," Alisa Childers is a dear friend of the ministry. Back in the summer of 2020, as racial tensions were at a boiling point, Alisa had Monique on her podcast to discuss Critical Race Theory. That interview became the highest viewed episode on Alisa's channel, until recently. Check it out here:

At the same time as Monique's interview with Alisa, Natasha Crain published a blog that mentioned the Center for Biblical Unity and the ministry exploded!

Be sure to follow Alisa Childers on her website and YouTube channel and check out our previous interview with her:

Jamal Bandy

Jamal is a longtime friend of the ministry. He is a dedicated book group leader and does excellent work on his podcast, Prescribed Truth.

Here's our previous episode with Jamal:

Mo's Moment:


Our Reconciled curriculum is coming soon!

Two lucky supporters who pre-ordered the curriculum each won a 1-hour Zoom call with Monique and Krista!

Be sure to check out the Discipleship Begins at Home Conference, sponsored by Women in Apologetics

Krista recently did a livestream with Pastor Jeremy Bannister to talk about discipling the next generation in a post-truth world. This conversation is a sneak peek of what is to come at the Discipleship Begins at Home Conference:


Segment #2: Show Sponsors and Announcements

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