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Raising a Faithfully Different Generation

Natasha Crain joined us to discuss her new book, Faithfully Different, and helped us understand how to live as a worldview minority in an increasingly secular culture.

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Interview with Natasha

The Center for Biblical Unity had its 2nd anniversary in February!

Natasha has been with us since the very beginning! She had some kind words of support and encouragement in honor of our anniversary. Thank you, Natasha!

Natasha's latest book, Faithfully Different, was born out of a blog post she wrote that went viral in the summer of 2020. Check out the article here:

Before jumping in to the interview, we want to HIGHLY recommend this book! We do not recommend many books, but Faithfully Different is a MUST READ for every thoughtful Christian on how to get a strategy together for living in a post-Christian world and secular culture; it is a handbook for living in this cultural moment!

CFBU is going through Natasha's book in the spring book groups! Check out the link and sign up now! Groups start in April! -->

Highlights from Natasha's book:

Christians are now a worldview minority! How is this possible? Don't we live in a "Christian nation"?

When surveyed, 65% of Americans self-identify as Christians; HOWEVER, only 6% of Americans have a functioning, Biblical worldview (meaning they follow a basic set of core Christian beliefs in daily life). Furthermore, among 18 to 29-year-olds, the number drops to only 2% of young adults that have a Biblical worldview. Even within the church, only 21% of people have a Biblical worldview!


What is the majority worldview that people are facing?

The dominant worldview surrounding us is Secularism, which is an umbrella worldview where everyone comes back to the authority of the self. Therefore, this is where Christianity is at fundamental odds with the culture today...the authority of self vs the authority of God and His Word.

Four Tenets of Secularism:

  1. Feelings are the ultimate guide.

  2. Happiness is the ultimate goal.

  3. Judging is the ultimate sin.

  4. God is the ultimate guess.


How do we live faithfully different?

It starts with our BELIEFS (specifically, about the Bible as the infallible Word of God), which shapes our THINKING, which determines how we will LIVE out our faith.


What are some of the hindrances for parents in raising a faithfully different generation?

  1. The study of Apologetics and Christian Worldview can be overwhelming

  2. Parents are busy people!

Nevertheless, don't give up! Stay the course! No one will be able to disciple your children the way you can (and the way the Bible commands us as parents!).


What can pastors and children's ministry/youth leaders do to help their congregation in cultivating an environment of raising faithfully different kids?

  1. Equip the parents!

  2. Equip the kids--reprioritize to lead with Truth!! (For example, addressing questions such as "Who is Jesus?" and "Why are we here?").

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