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Raising Christian Kids in a Secular Age

Why sending your kid to Sunday School probably won't be enough to preserve their faith; the Christian cliche, "It's not a salvation issue"; Kanye's jail concert yesterday in Houston

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Christian parenting these days is not for sissies. We live in a culture that is often hostile to our beliefs and values. Our friend, Natasha Crain, has found a unique niche of equipping Christian parents to have strategic conversations with their kids about their faith.

We had some real talk about some of the challenges of Christian parenting in a secular age. And why simply sending your kid to Sunday School probably isn't going to be adequate to preserve their faith. In fact, both Natasha and Monique (who is a former children's pastor) shared some concerns about how Sunday School can actually lay groundwork for children to slip into secular humanism.

Here are Natasha's blog posts that guided our conversation.

We want to encourage all of our viewers to check out Natasha's books. And to consider sharing her blog posts and work with your church's kidmin pastor and youth pastor.

Be sure to follow Natasha's ministry and get support in your parenting efforts.

In addition to Natasha's books, you can search for a Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (GAP) group near you and get additional support.


Sometimes, I hear Christians say, “It’s ok if we disagree about that doctrine. It’s not a salvation issue.” Controversies like the age of the earth or women in ministry are often relegated to be in the "agree to disagree" category because it's "not a salvation issue." But, I’m not sure that’s the best criteria to decide what's essential to the faith and what's not. I have some thoughts.


Tweet of the Week: Kanye's Jail Concert

A few weeks ago, we did a show about Kanye's conversion. Yesterday, he gave a spontaneous jail concert in Houston.


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