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Raising Kids in a CRAZY World

Season 6 is here! Monique and Krista kicked off the year with their friend, Katy Faust. They talked about practical strategies for raising conservative kids in the midst of "woke" ideology, even if the kids attend public school.


Our guest, Katy Faust, is a pastor’s wife, mother of 4, author, and conference speaker, who resides in the Pacific Northwest. Katy is also the Founder and President of Them Before Us, an organization that fights for the rights of children.

Katy walked us through many important topics from her new book. Here are the major highlights of our discussion:

  • Parents CAN and MUST train their children to be influencers of culture, rather than being influenced by the culture!

    • Mainly, this is a parenting book, using timeless principles, applied to our current cultural moment.

    • The culture is coming after our kids, so as best we can, we want our kids to hear from us as parents FIRST (no matter where we live!). This is referred to as the “Founder’s Principle,” meaning, whoever gets to your child first, will be considered the “expert” by the child. Therefore, as parents, WE must introduce information to our children FIRST. We do not want to shy away from hard topics, but must introduce information in appropriate ways, based on the child’s development level (and in ways that will protect the child’s innocence).

  • We must teach our kids what we are FOR, not simply what we’re against! In other words, we are talking about worldview training, specifically in the areas of biology, economics, and history.

  • Parents, you cannot outsource this! Parents, we ARE the program!

  • Message of the book: Your kids don’t have to be victims! Regardless of where you live, no matter how you’re schooling them–you CAN do this! This is nothing new, but you must be very deliberate and intentional and work within age-appropriate ways!

  • The Slow Hand-off Model of Discipleship:

    • First, parents do it and kids watch

    • Next, parents do it and kids help

    • Next, kids do it and parents help

    • Finally, kids do it and parents watch

  • Remember, if you are not discipling your kids, someone will!

  • But, what if I missed the boat in the early years of training and now I have high schoolers?! You become the expert and let them see you reading the good books and listening to podcasts and STAY CONNECTED with them!


We have a new publisher for our book! We are grateful to God for bringing us together with Harvest House Publishers and our book is set to be released later this fall! Stay tuned for pre-order information!




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