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Scientific Racism

Guest: Dr. Joe Miller; history of eugenics; Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood

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Segment #1: Interview with Dr. Joseph Miller

We had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Joe Miller. He is an author, podcaster, and minister with Ratio Christi, an organization focused on evangelism and apologetics in the university setting.

We talked about the history of eugenics (aka "scientific racism"), which was a major scientific movement in the early 20th century. We explored the role that Darwin's theory played in the rise of eugenics, as well as what eugenics tells us about the foundations of some forms of institutionalized racism.

The interview was timely, since Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was in the news this week. She is a famous advocate of eugenics.

Connect with Dr. Joe Miller:

Here is part 1 of a teaching series Krista did last year on the biblical foundation for inter-racial marriage.


Segment #2: 2020 UP Conference

A big THANK YOU to Women in Apologetics and Impact 360 for their support of the UP Conference! Be sure to check out these incredible ministries for more resources in apologetics and discipleship.


Segment #3: MAVEN's Homeschooling 101 Webinar

Our friend, Brett Kunkle, from Maven came on to talk to us about their upcoming Homeschooling 101 webinar next week, July 27-30.

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Segment #4: Tweet of the Week

Ok, so the Tweet this week isn't actually a tweet. It's a Facebook post. But we felt that it needed to be highlighted. Apparently, Facebook ran into a little conflict with Monique's message.


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