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Sifting Through the Confusion about Christian Nationalism

We hadn't even heard the term "Christian Nationalism" until about two years ago. Now, there is a growing division among Christians about how to think about the relationship between faith and government. Last December, we had a discussion over dinner with our friend Sam Sey about the issue. Tonight, we had a public conversation to share our thoughts so far.


Discussion with Sam Sey

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Sam Sey wrote a very helpful and thoughtful article on Christian Nationalism. Check it out here:

First, it is important to understand that the term "Christian Nationalism" is new! It seems to have gained popularity only within the last 2-3 years.

Second, the term Christian Nationalism is very complex and confusing! Part of the confusion is because there are different forms of Christian Nationalism; There are competing models and manifestations within Christianity!

Here are some of the manifestations/examples:

**New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)--believe that Adam lost dominion over the earth once sin entered the world and the way to gain it back is for Christians to be involved in government; in other words, taking back the culture for Christ, in a very authoritative, hyper-charismatic way (part of the "Seven Mountain Mandate").

Proponents include: Bethel Church, Paula White, "MAGA people"/Trump supporters, Michael Flynn

**Biblical Christian--someone who is a Bible-believing Christian with conservative views; this person may not self-identify as a Christian Nationalist, but they would be labeled one by the Left.

**Kinists/Kinism--believe that races/ethnic groups should stay within their same ethnic groups and not inter-marry. Christian Kinism can be another form of Christian Nationalists, that seems to be primarily made up of white people.

**Theonomist/Reconstructionist--believe that the Old Testament laws (Mosaic Covenant) should govern modern society (across all nations, not just the US); general equity for all; may believe that the term "Christian Nationalist" reflects their views more appropriately than "Theonomist."

Proponents include: Doug Wilson

Note: All Theonomists are generally Post-Millennial, BUT not every Post-Millennial Christian is a Theonomist


This conversation is complicated and can get heated/divisive very quickly! We need to make room as learners to do our research and understand the issues. It will take more than one conversation to understand this topic, especially since the term "Christian Nationalism" is still so new. Let's take a "wait and see" approach, with much patience, a desire to learn, humility and forgiveness when mistakes are made, a willingness to go again, and continue to have civil discussions, especially among our brothers and sisters as fellow Believers! Thank you for engaging in this messy conversation with us!

Resources mentioned:

Be sure to check out Krista's conversation with Neil Shenvi on Christian Nationalism from earlier this year (co-hosted by Alisa Childers!):

Book recommendation from Sam:

"The Mission of God" by Joseph Boot:

Important article by Sam regarding Kinism:

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