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Speaking Truth in Cancel Culture

Guest: Kristina Karamo; Putting aside our fears and speaking the truth IS love

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Segment #1: Interview with Kristina Karamo

Christian Apologist, teacher, and political activist, Kristina Karamo

Here are some highlights about getting off the sidelines, getting into conversation, and speaking Truth in the midst of cancel culture:

  • One of our core problems as humans (or even THE core problem) is that we are in rebellion against God...this leads to poverty...BUT strong families are essential for strong societies and communities (this principle applies to ALL people, not just for a specific race or ethnic group!).

  • Society cannot function with relativism...problems develop, tyrants rise to power...instead, we need a fixed point of Truth in order for society to function...that fixed point has to come from God, the perfect source.

  • People are not being properly discipled...many people are okay with Jesus as Savior, but not Jesus as Lord.

  • People see being a Christian as a "get out of hell free card."

  • Works don't save us, but works are evidence of our faith.

  • Whatever sphere you're in (job, school, community, etc), you need to be ready to speak the truth.

  • We have to not care what the world thinks!

  • Goal: Am I obeying God in what I am doing?

  • As we walk in obedience (even if we are afraid!), our courage and boldness will rub off on others!


Connect with the guest


Segment #2: Mo's Moment and Announcements

Mo's Moment

Our friend and scholar, Dr. Pat Sawyer, wrote a series of articles in Christianity Today regarding Critical Race Theory:

Segment #2 Resources

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