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The Epic Conclusion: Season 5 Finale Recap and Analysis

Monique and Krista wrapped up Season 5 of All The Things!


Answering Your Questions!

It was a fun night of reflection and laughs! Can y'all believe we have have wrapped up FIVE YEARS of All the Things?!

Here are some of the questions from the livestream:

Q: Did you have a favorite show or guest?

  • MD: Dr. Felder & Christianity's Roots in Africa (#150) and House Church w/ Brett Kunkle from MAVEN (#148)

  • KB: Juan Riesco from Nini's Deli (#151), Colonialism with Vishal Mangalwadi (#153), LGBT Issues with Christopher Yuan (#158), and the series on Human Trafficking (#'s 160-162)

Q: Do people ever accuse Monique of being brainwashed by her white friends?

  • K & M: The brief answer: yes, unfortunately, they do!

Q: What are the best books you've read this year?

Q: How does the term "people of color" differ from the phrase "colored people"?

  • MD: "Colored people" or "coloreds" was used in the mid-1900s to refer to black people only (ie "colored drinking fountains"); whereas "people of color" extends beyond people who are black to include anyone who is not white. Also, BIPOC--Black, Indigenous, People of Color--is even more nuanced and is also acceptable to use.

Q: Will Christians be punished or not go to heaven for not going to church?

  • MD: It is the pattern set out in the Bible (Hebrews 10:24-25); it is important to gather to hear the Word preached, to share the Lord's supper together, and for community.

  • KB: The language of the the Church being the Bride and Christ being the Bridegroom is important (Ephesians 5: 22-33)! If you say you are a Christian, you can't hate His Bride! A better question might be: What is the RELATIONSHIP like between this person and God? If someone is completely negligent in their relationship, it may mean divorce is imminent (or that there is no relationship).

Q: How do you see Christians talking about hell in today's conversations of evangelism and apologetics when the main focus seems to be on God's love (versus God's wrath)?

  • KB: We need to be careful not divide God's attributes as one being more important or more prevalent than another! This being said, the one attribute that IS repeated about God is "Holy, Holy, Holy" (eg Isaiah 6:3). We must be careful about "frontloading" the attribute of love and view the other attributes through that lens.


Q: Are you developing new curriculum?

  • KB: Be sure to check out our forthcoming book, which will be released in 2024!

  • MD: We are filming a video curriculum to go along with the book that will seek to help churches, small groups, and any community context you're in to have productive conversations about race and racial issues.

  • Annnnnd, WE HAVE A BRAND NEW MOBILE APP! Download it now on Apple or Android!

Q: Do you memorize Scripture? If so, how do you suggest is the best way to memorize?

  • KB: This is an area I am growing in! I recently did a podcast episode with Amy Hall from Stand to Reason where she gives her perspective on the importance of Scripture memorization and her helpful methods. Check it out.

  • MD: It is a goal of mine! I have been taking small chunks and reading and re-reading passages, especially the book of Ephesians.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about near death experiences? Do you think they involve real encounters with Christ or are they tricks from Satan or some other physiological phenomenon we don't understand?

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

  • MD: Don't have time!! But, if I did, it would be dancing! Also, writing, especially poetry. Another dream would be to take voice lessons and have a vocal coach.

  • KB: Bossing Monique around! Ha! And teaching/making videos on YT! Things I would like to do: learn how to garden!

Q: Do you like musicals?

  • MD: Yes, I LOVE musicals! Hamilton, Chicago, West Side Story, Newsies, The Lion King, and Wicked.

Q: Can we be united with people who claim to follow Jesus, but who believe in a doctrinal error (such as false beliefs within the neo-charasmatic/New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)?

  • KB: I have talked about this theological error on a previous podcast. Check it out here:

There is a case to be made about staying true to core doctrines; however, does the person knowingly and purposefully deny the doctrines? This may be a different issue...if someone knows the true doctrine, but actively denies it, that is a problem (as opposed to someone who has been improperly discipled and unknowingly believes an error).

Q: When you don't know something, where do you look first? A person, books, podcast, Google, etc..?

  • MD: First, I will ask, is there something I can pull from Scripture? Also, sociological texts, other books, primary source materials, academic journal articles.

  • KB: First, I go to Google and look for short videos and short articles to get an initial feel for the topic. Then, I will continue researching with longer videos and/or articles, and then consult books.

Q: What is something you want the younger generation to know?

  • KB: Most fundamental challenge...most young people do not believe that objective truth is a thing. They must know this first! Another challenge...due to media and AI, young people will have a hard time being able to know who is telling the truth.

  • MD: Impart the reality of identity. They have been given a distinct identity from God. Also, I would want them to know the truth of the reality of God.


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