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The Hug Felt Around the World

Forgiveness in the race conversation; separate spaces for people of color at Christian conferences

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The news cycle this week was filled with a short video of Botham Jean's brother declaring his forgiveness to his brother's killer, a female police officer. But a simple gesture of Christian kindness quickly escalated into a national conversation about race relations.

And again, the world became very complicated.

Was hug a display of Christ-like behavior or an example of systemic racism in action?

Pro tip: If you catch the replay via YouTube, listen to the end to hear Monique answer additional race questions after we go off the air.

And honestly, this topic turned out to be too big for just one show. So, we filmed two additional conversations that we felt were necessary in order to provide a bit more completeness.

First, we took a deep dive into Jemar Tisby's op-ed that was published in the WaPo: "White Christians, do not cheapen the hug and message of forgiveness from Botham Jean's brother." Tisby is a leader in the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) and also a leading voice for Critical Race Theory being brought into evangelical churches. He has been a frequent contributor to the Gospel Coalition web site. So his voice carries a lot of weight. We have some concerns about Tisby's CRT-oriented approach.

We also put together a video about the most frequent obstacles to talking about race. We dish the REAL.


The Evolving Faith conference convened last weekend in Denver. The conference platformed a "who's who" in progressive evangelicalism. Check out the twitter feed here. It offered a glimpse into where progressives want to take the church. Hint: it's outside of historic Christianity.

This tweet, in particular, caught our attention. We had questions.


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