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The Rise of the Woke Right

We have been watching the rise of some very....odd....posts on Twitter that sound an awful lot like BLM sounded a few years ago. Only they are on the right. We have been very confused about what to make of these posts. Kevin came back on the show to break it all down for us in a way that we (and you!) can understand.



What is meant by “Woke Right”?

Two tweets by Neil Shenvi:

“Wokeness in 1 Tweet:

  1. society is divided into oppressed/oppressor groups along lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, etc via 2)hegemonic power. But privileged people are blind so 3)we need to defer to the lived experience of the marginalized to 4)dismantle unjust systems"

“The ‘Dissident Right’ in 1 Tweet:

  1. Society is divided into straight White men and their enemies via 2)hegemonic norms (the Longhouse, postwar consensus, ‘Judeo-Christianity’) but normies are blind so 3)we need to redpill them to 4)retake the West”

Kevin’s Definition of Woke Right: Everything is seen through the lens of a system, specifically concerned with conspiracies and/or the “deep state”; in other words, an overcorrection of the Woke Left.

Hegemony/Hegemonic Power: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group.

Nick Fuentes quote: “The real America First position is to say, we don’t want Israel controlling our government.”

In other words, the deeper, darker side of the Woke Right (aka Woke Right 2.0) is the understanding that America is controlled by the Jews. This is deeply troubling and anti- semitic.

The phrase “Christ is King” is the Woke Right equivalent of “Black Lives Matter” from the Woke Left.


  • Every system needs to be evaluated on its own!

  • We need to focus on Scripture and make sure we have a Biblical Worldview, focused on the Gospel first!

  • Neither the political left or right can save us or transform our nation, only God, through the Holy Spirit, can do that!

Wise, final words from our friend, Lisa Spencer:

“Be careful who you hold as heroes. We can be so enamored with public figures that we will drift with them if they go off track because we can’t believe they’re wrong.”



Article mentioned: "The Rise of Right-Wing Wokeism" by Kevin DeYoung:

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