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The Truth About Birth Control and Chemical Abortion

A key theme on the podcast this year is justice for the pre-born. We are exploring the issue from a variety of different angles. The overturning of Roe hasn't automatically increased safety for the pre-born. Chemical abortions are on the rise. We asked our friend, OB-GYN Dr. Chris Cirucci to come back on the show and explain the dangers of chemical abortion, as well as the science behind birth control. How do various birth control methods actually work and which ones are compatible with the Christian worldview?


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Tonight’s guest, Chris Cirucci, MD, is a Board Certified OBGYN, who has been in private practice for 20+ years. A few years ago, Dr. Chris stepped away from clinical practice and has focused more on research, specifically on the topic of chemical abortion. Dr. Chris currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board for the American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNs. Dr. Chris is a Scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute and a Fellow at Reasons to Believe.


  • The information shared by Dr. Chris is her own opinion; she is not representing any particular organization she is associated with

  • The information provided is not to be seen as medical advice, but rather information only

How is birth control related to the Christian worldview?

Christians must ask themselves:

  • Is it okay, as a Christian, to use artificial means to prevent pregnancy/conception?

  • How does a particular birth control work? Does it destroy a human being?

What birth control methods are available and how do they work?

  • Barrier methods: condoms, diaphragms, cervical cap, sponges; these prevent the sperm from getting through to meet with the egg

  • Sterilization: in women, the fallopian tube is cut and “tied”, and in men, there is no sperm ejaculated; thus, the sperm and egg cannot meet

  • Birth control pills:

  • Combination pill has both estrogen and progesterone–hormonal intervention that works by preventing ovulation (woman does not release an egg); most commonly prescribed 

  • Progesterone only pill (aka “mini pill”)--hormonal intervention which causes a thinning of the uterine wall, therefore, preventing the zygote from implanting

  • **Note: By this time, conception has already occurred when the sperm and egg met and formed the zygote, taking approximately 7 days to travel down the fallopian tube, where it would then implant in the uterus

  • Vaginal ring, patches: also placed in the same category as birth control pills; same hormonal intervention which release estrogen and progesterone, but different method of delivery, as opposed to oral pills

  • Depo-Prevera: progesterone injection taken every 3 months that prevents ovulation

  • IUD: intrauterine device; two types:

  • Progesterone releasing; does not consistently prevent ovulation; therefore, not consistent with the Pro-Life movement

  • Copper IUD (used infrequently)

  • Fertility Awareness-Based Methods/Natural Family Planning: Knowing your monthly cycle, when ovulation occurs, and avoiding intercourse during those times; this method is consistent with a Pro-Life view

  • “Emergency” contraception (aka “morning after” pill); two types: 

  • Progesterone only type, available over-the-counter

  • “Ella”, uses a similar type of drug used in abortion

What is a chemical abortion?

Chemical abortion is accomplished with two medicines:

  • Mithopristone or RU486, an oral pill; anti-progesterone, which essentially kills the baby because babies need progesterone in order to live

  • One to two days later, Misoprostal is taken; induces contractions and causes the woman to deliver the baby

Chemical abortion pills were approved in 2000 and, since that time, use has gradually increased and is approved for use in the US up to 10 weeks

“Safer than Tylenol” is NOT TRUE! In fact, chemical abortion is less safe than surgical abortion.

Abortion pill rescue/abortion pill reversal: provides high doses of progesterone in hopes of saving the baby (if the 1st dose of abortion pill has been taken). Website:



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