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Monique and Krista discuss how to think biblically about race, justice and riots

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Segment #1: Family Meeting

Our country is in the middle of a very messy conversation about race and justice. People are hurting. Cities are burning. Now what? How can we bring biblical principles to bear on this current reality?

During this show, we had a heart-to-heart conversation about the difficulties facing us this week…the tragic deaths of fellow Image-Bearers, emotions running high regarding racism, injustice, protesting in the streets, and more. These are the topics we addressed during our “Family Meeting”:

1. Why is everyone so upset?

2. How should I respond on social media?

3. How do I support fellow Image-Bearers?

4. What is the church’s role in confronting injustice?

5. Why is holding a Biblical perspective important?

Check out Miles McPherson’s book, The Third Option.

Consider joining one of the book discussion groups we offer through the Center for Biblical Unity


Segment #2: Announcements and Closing Remarks

Check out last week’s show when we talked to Alisa Childers about the features of Progressive theology and how to identify ways it may be coming into your church.

We are making a stand for Biblical Unity! Check out the Center for Biblical Unity to find out how you can partner with Monique to send her out as a missionary into our own culture to take a stand for Biblical Unity!


Tweet of the Week

Uncle Darrell boiled the whole cultural moment down to one Tweet.


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