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Understanding Community Schools

"Community Schools" plan to expand in 2024. However, we want to empower parents to know how to decode this movement. Parents deserve to know exactly what these are about. Guest: Kelly Ske


We were so pleased to have our guest, Kelly Ske, join us live in the studio!

Kelly is a wife, mother and education advocate. Kelly is an astute researcher and is well-informed on the ideologies coming into public schools.

Three Major Components Happening in Education:

  1. Social Emotional Learning

  2. Comprehensive Sexuality Education

  3. Critical Theories/Critical Pedagogy

What is a Community School?

It is a combination of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). In other words, this combines health and education for equity. The goal is that now all government social services are designed to transform the public school into being the nucleus or hub of every community. They utilize a framework called WSCC (pronounced like “whisk”), which stands for Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child.

Important for parents to understand the marketing behind Community Schools and decode the words used to describe services offered!

For example, “health services” may be marketed as dental, vision, or well-child check-ups, BUT under Community Schools, there is often an advancement of SRHR, which is a global focus and stands for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In other words, it could likely mean Comprehensive Sexuality Education is being infused into the services offered, “reproductive rights” is being used as a code word for abortion,


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