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What Does the Bible Say About Slavery?

African American Guide to the Bible; Guest: Dr. Harold Felder

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Segment #1: Interview with Dr. Harold Felder

We had a fantastic Juneteeth episode with Dr. Harold Felder!

Dr. Felder is an expert historian. He gave us a fascinating history lesson on slavery throughout the world and how slavery relates to the Bible. Dr. Felder shared his powerful testimony out of atheism and into a powerful relationship with Christ where he was set free from a life of sin!

These are some of the highlights we discussed:

What is the history of Juneteenth (referring to June 19th)?

In a nutshell, the Emancipation Proclamation was focused on the northern states, but then slavery ended with the Civil War. However, some slave owners in Texas did not abide by the declaration of the end of slavery. Texas was seen as "neutral" and many slave owners that lived there kept their slaves. On June 19th, 1865, Union soldiers marched into the streets of Galveston, Texas to declare to the slaves that they were free. Then, a year later on June 19th, 1866, the Freedmen celebrated "Juneteenth" or "Jubilee" to commemorate their true emancipation.

What about Christians who use the Bible to support slavery?

Yes, this has been a problem and can be a stumbling block for Black people. BUT, people will use any authority that exists to push their agenda...for example, science/eugenics did this, as well as Christianity, to try to say that Black people were inferior.

Is there a difference between slavery in the Bible and American slavery?

In one word: yes. Slavery has always existed since the dawn of mankind.

In the Bible, slavery operated more as indentured servitude, which had limits. If slaves were mistreated, there were laws in place to deal with the injustice.

Also, race is not a Biblical concept; the Bible does not address people by skin tone.

Remember this acronym when refuting erroneous arguments about racism and the Bible: JBIRD

J Jews were not white

BI Biblical Interpretation (look at the context of the passage!)

R Race is not a Biblical concept

D Difference between Christians and Christianity (Christianity is not what Christians do, it's what the Bible teaches)


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Segment #2: Discussion of Unity, Announcements, and Resources

Be sure to sign up for the Discipleship Begins at Home Conference happening July 23rd and 24th! This will be a great resource for parents, pastors, caregivers, and teachers to help create a plan of biblical discipleship and growth for their children.

Reconciled, our 6-week small group curriculum will drop on July 31st! We will have a special livestream event on Thursday, July 29th at 5pm (PDT) at the regular CFBU Family Meeting. Pre-order now to get extra goodies!

Krista did a livestream Q & A at Theology Mom! Check it out!

Our summer book groups are underway! Although the live discussion option is sold out, the recorded option is still available. The books we are reading include:

  • Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice by Scott David Allen

  • How to Fight Racism by Jemar Tisby

  • Please Stop Helping Us by Jason L. Riley

At our Family Meeting this week, special guest, Virgil Walker, helped us understand what went on at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) national meeting:


Discipleship resources for children and tweens:

Foundation Worldview Curriculum from our friend, Elizabeth Urbanowicz:

Natasha Crain's apologetics books (geared toward parents/adults to have conversations with the young people in their life):

Children's books on their identity as children of God:

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