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What is the Woke Right?

Last month, we did a show about the "woke right." And then our friend, Alisa Childers, re-released it on her podcast platform. Since then, we've received a lot of feedback about the show and continued to research the issues. Some people say the "woke right" isn't a thing. Others say, it's "absolutely a thing." It's a lot to process. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we are trying to have the public conversations to help the "regular people" make sense of what's emerging among Christian socio-political influencers. We asked our friend, Neil Shenvi, to come on and help us continue the discussion.


The regular viewers of All the Things are likely familiar with ministry friend and colleague, Dr. Neil Shenvi. Neil is a member of the CFBU Academic Advisory Council and he has been a guest on the podcast several times. Neil holds a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from UCBerkeley and he has written extensively on the Critical Theories.

Tonight’s episode draws a lot on Neil’s recent article entitled “What is the Woke Right?”:

Be sure to read Neil’s article and notice the many primary sources cited. Then, buckle up for a wild ride on this episode! Kevin Briggins, co-host of the Off Code Podcast, also weighs in on the discussion.

This is a unique episode where you’ll need to potentially watch/listen more than once and take some time to process, in order to get a better understanding of the issues raised.



Check out a previous episode we did on the "woke right" with Kevin Briggins:

The link below is a continuation of the conversation on the "woke right" from a recent CFBU Family Meeting:

Connect with the Guest:

Check out Dr. King's website:

Dr. King's faculty page at Indiana Wesleyan University:


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