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What To Do When Your School is a Woke Mess

Monique and Krista talked to Gheorghe Rosca Jr. (Protect Our Kids). He shared practical information to help parents with kids in public schools to push back against "woke" ideology. They also discussed Gheorghe's proven plan to empower churches to start small Christian schools and co-ops for their congregation.

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Interview with Gheorghe Rosca Jr.

We get so many letters asking various versions of the question, "What do I do when my child's school is a woke mess?!"

As we are coming into this conversation, here is a reminder of our two guiding principles:

  1. Parents are in charge of their kids! They are the ones accountable and responsible for their child's education, upbringing, discipleship, etc. in God's economy!

  2. We advocate for education options!

Our guest, Gheorghe Rosca, Jr is a pastor and board member of and helped us work through the issues many parents are facing in regards to education.

The mission of Protect Our Kids: to equip and inform parents on what's going on in public schools. There is a lot of information and rhetoric coming at parents! Gheorghe narrowed it down to three major issues; he described the "Triple Threat" coming against parents and kids in public schools as:

  1. Gender and sex ideology (Comprehensive Sexuality Education, aka CSE)

  2. Critical Race Theory (CRT, which includes historical revisionism and ethnic studies)

  3. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL, which is a bit obscure, but essentially puts the teacher into a role of psychologist or counselor for students)

What is Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)?

  • Definitions matter! Understanding the definitions of sex vs sexuality is critical!

  • Traditional definition of sex/sex-ed = biological anatomy

  • Modern definition of sexuality = sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, behaviors, attitudes, eroticism, pleasure, etc.

Check out the video from Protect Our Kids to understand more:

This very informative brochure shows the supporting evidence of harm caused by CSE:

Parents--By default, public school children are automatically enrolled in this CSE class/curriculum. If you do not want your kids to participate, you must OPT-OUT! Parents must be pro-active to find out what their school district is doing! Download this free Opt-Out Form:

What are some solutions & proactive steps for parents to take?

1. Get out now! Meaning, get your kids out of public schools!

  • Remember, Teacher's Unions are powerful! There are thousands of members and many millions of dollars going into Teacher's Unions, which are a driving force behind these "woke" ideologies.

2. Form a parent group!

  • Meet monthly to support and encourage like-minded parents

  • Start attending school board meetings, find out what is on the agenda

Christian teachers in public schools--WE NEED YOU! You are missionaries and a light in the darkness that can offer push-back against the material that will potentially come in to your classroom. Check out the Christian Educator's Association International (CEAI) to find support:

How can pastors/local churches utilize their resources to help families access alternative education options?

Meet with the church leadership team/elders & outline a vision

  1. See the Protect Our Kids guide on starting a homeschool co-op or preschool:

  2. Start small!

  3. Seek volunteers


On the Protect Our Kids website there is a wealth of resources available, including brochures, videos, and forms for parents to utilize.

For more information on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), check out Krista's recent podcast:

For Christian teachers, to find out more about the Christian Educator's Association International (CEAI), check out this podcast:

Another helpful ally for parents is Alliance Defending Freedom:

ADF has a helpful video entitled, "Parental Rights in the Face of Critical Theory":

To download the ADF Parents' Toolkit on Critical Theory in Education and Healthcare CLICK HERE.

Connect with the Guest

Contact Gheorghe at Protect Our Kids to schedule a speaking engagement/workshop:


Big news was made with the overturning of Roe v. Wade this week!

One of the biggest resources and a major pioneer in the pro-life arena is Dr. Scott Klusendorf. Be sure to check out his ministry, Life Training Institute, and his many books and resources.

Check out Emily Bontrager's guest blog post regarding the new documentary, "What is a Woman?": 4 Reasons Why I Want Matt Walsh to Make a Sequel

Krista and Monique gave their review* of the documentary, Eve in Exile. The documentary was based on the book by Rebekah Merkle.

In the book and documentary, the author covers three main areas:

  1. History of Feminism

  2. Creation mandate

  3. Application of the author's thoughts on Biblical womanhood

*Note: The ladies do not endorse nor oppose the book or documentary; they are simply sharing their opinion.

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