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When Helping Doesn't Help

What's the line between enabling bad behavior and empowering people to change their lives for the better? | What is a biblical covenant? | Witchcraft is mainstream now

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Krista came across this story recently about a pastor in Texas encouraging couples who live together to get married. In fact, the church was sponsoring weddings as an incentive.

Then we saw this story about a church building tiny houses for the homeless. Monique has spent 10 years in social work advocating for homeless populations. She had all kinds of opinions about this.

That led us to ask: Do Christians sometimes mean well, but actually end up enabling poor behavior?


Covenants are the thread that hold the Bible together.”

Since we have a theologian on the show, might as well increase our Bible literacy. Monique has grown up in the church, but never heard a sermon about covenants. But Krista says you can't understand the Bible without them. Here is the crash course.


AOC recently shared her birth chart on Twitter. This is one of a number of news stories documenting the mainstreaming of the occult and witchcraft, especially in political arenas. It's vital that Christians not be sucked into such deception, as well as to have conversations about these issues with our children.


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