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Which Bible Translation Should I Choose?

Navigating the Maze of Bible Translations

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Segment #1: Krista and Monique Discuss the Various Bible Translations

Krista and Monique went on a deep dive into Bible translations and answered these important questions:

  • Why are there so many different translations?

  • Is it even okay that the Bible has been translated or should we be reading it in the original languages it was written in?

  • The million dollar question: Which translation is the best? (Spoiler alert: it depends!)

  • What are the general types of translations? For instance, word-for-word, thought-for-thought, paraphrase.

  • Considering the types of translations, which approach is better?

  • What is a concordance and is it necessary to have one?

  • What about study Bibles?

In summary, the great dilemma of which Bible translation to choose boils down to two issues: accuracy vs readability.

We'd like to give a strong shout out to Wesley Huff for the helpful information and graphics we used on tonight's show! Check out the great resources available at

To see the charts and graphics from tonight's show, check out this blog article: One Bible, Many Versions.

For an historical look at the development of the King James Bible, check out this book:

Some viewers wanted to know about The Passion Translation and the Mirror Bible. Check out the diligent work Pastor Mike Winger is doing to address these issues.

2-minute version

An Old Testament scholar evaluates The Passion Translation:

Literally the WORST Bible Translation...Ever


Segment #2: Tweet of the Week

The world lost a great Black Conservative voice this week in the passing of Dr. Walter Williams.

Check out a previous show we did entitled "Was Jesus a Socialist?" which Walter Williams would have surely appreciated.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the Launch Party we. did this week for Thaddeus Williams' new book (and the slew of surprise guests!)

If you haven't seen the trailer for the new book, check it out and share!

The Women in Apologetics (WIA) Conference is coming in January! Register now!

If you'd like to have Krista and Monique come and speak on Biblical unity, justice, and race issues, check out the booking page on the CFBU website.


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