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Art + Christianity

Interview with artist, Rachel Shockey; Women in Apologetics conference; Impending split in the United Methodist Church

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Monique was out sick this week, but our friend Rachel Shockey filled in for her. We had a great discussion about her journey as an artist, and as a Christian apologist. Be sure to check out Rachel's art, including her traveling exhibit.


Krista and Rachel talk about the upcoming Women in Apologetics conference at Biola University.

Missed the conference? You can still sign up for the livestream.


Rachel is a lifelong Wesleyan and attends a United Methodist Church. So the developments of this story hit close home for her.

The United Methodist Church announced steps they are taking to amiably split. over the issue of same sex marriage and gay ordination. The New York Times ran a summary of the situation earlier this afternoon.

That prompted Becket Cook, a former gay man who converted to Christianity a few years ago, to tweet this.

Here are a few additional resources on this issue:


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